A Virtual Board Room For Directors

Our company has developed the Digital Communications Solutions (DCS) group of agencies which provide communication, advertising, and sales solutions to clients in the UK and Europe.


How can we help you achieve success by providing a virtual board room for directors?

This article discusses what DCS do and how they can support your future and that of your organization.


We offer cost-effective digital communications. With our digital campaign planning and digital collaboration solutions we help transform your events and delivers strong branding and a strong network.


Our Digital Communications team can help you organize any kind of event – whether it’s a pub quiz cocktail party or corporate meeting. We can handle every aspect of your event, from event management, preparation, and organization of any special event including presentation sheets, caterers, catering, entertainment, souvenirs, and refreshments. We can work with you and your staff, organizing any size event.


You can help your business grow and have new business contacts.

Our sales staff will be dedicated to turning prospects into customers and at the same time ensuring your brand is always visible. Our sales teams work with you to enhance brand visibility and build relationships.


We offer a virtual board room where you can bring together your staff and stakeholders and share information and take decisions on the go. We can help you through a meeting like the ever-popular remote executive board meeting where you can have all of your staff together and in one place. These meetings provide time to discuss your most pressing issues, seek advice from others, and hold special discussions that are tailored to your organization.


We use technology to provide an interactive environment where staff and stakeholders can also meet and discuss issues. This is especially helpful to larger organizations that require staff to attend both offline and online meetings to informally learn about the current company news.


An innovative technique that has helped us deliver our digital communications is known as video conferencing. You can take up to three people around the world in the same meeting. You can share a physical address, a phone number, and a website address, but using the same internet connection.


This virtual board room for directors is just one part of our DCS digital communications work. We have another digital platform called Site-to-Site where we help your organization to generate your own targeted site, and traffic, as well as analyzing the trends and behavior to help your organization grow.


We can also provide a virtual board room where you can meet with your employees, your clients and their leaders. Our team can help you develop an agenda and plan the meeting for the success of your meeting and assist you with questions and feedback after the meeting.


A third specialized platform that we use at our virtual board room is board-portal.org to talk. It can be used to host an instant video call using Skype where you can meet in person, chat with your staff and clients, and even listen to calls made from your call in service.


These platforms help you maximize the benefits of your digital communications by combining traditional methods with the modern skills of social media. If you are in the market for new digital communications solutions, why not use our experiences to plan your next conference?

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